Can the Ombudsman help you?

Helping Customers manage their debts and save money:

Have you already tried to resolve your issue with the agent handling your account?

Have you completed a financial capacity assessment or financial profile?

By providing a financial capacity profile our agents are better equipped to build you a repayment plan that is suited to your financial needs and personal circumstances.

In addition based on your profile you may qualify for a settlement.

Click here:  YOUR PROFILE   and build your personalized plan today

Helping Customers manage their disputes:

Have you provided a written dispute to our office?

At Veritas Alliance Incorporated we investigate your disputes. Simply email details of your dispute to

To dispute an account write the word "Dispute and your account #" in the subject line of the email and provide the following information in the body of the email:

Have you already paid your bill?

If you are disputing a lost payment to our office or one of our clients we will require proof of payment such as a receipt or bank statement showing that the payment was made. You may be able to call your bank to get this information if you no longer have the statements.

Please keep in mind the best methods of payment to ensure your payments can be easily located and tracked is to pay by online banking, e-transfer, or credit card.

Click here for payment instructions MAKE A PAYMENT or click here to PAY VIA INTERAC

To Contact the Ombudsman's office directly email:

In your email be sure to include the following information: